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wash down to clean thoroughly with water or other liquid. [2 definitions]
wash drawing a monochrome drawing done in washes of transparent watercolor or India ink.
washed-out faded from having been washed many times. [2 definitions]
washed-up (informal) no longer successful or effective; failed or finished, often after a period of earlier success. [2 definitions]
washer someone or something that washes. [3 definitions]
washerwoman a woman who earns money washing clothes, bed linen, and the like; laundress.
wash goods fabrics or garments that can be washed without fading or being weakened.
washing the act or activity of using water, and often soap, to clean oneself or something else. [3 definitions]
washing machine a machine, now usu. automatic, that washes laundry.
washing soda a crystalline hydrated form of sodium carbonate, used as a general cleanser.
Washington a northwestern U.S. state on the Pacific between Canada and Oregon; Washington State. (abbr.: WA) [2 definitions]
wash one's dirty linen in public to make public embarrassing or shameful private facts about oneself or others.
wash one's hands of to refuse to take responsibility for.
wash out to use water and soap to clean away dirt or other unwanted substances from. [4 definitions]
washrag a washcloth.
washroom a room with washing and toilet facilities; bathroom; lavatory.
washstand a movable table or cabinet used to hold a pitcher and basin for washing the hands and face. [2 definitions]
washtub a large tub used for soaking, washing, and rinsing clothes.
washwoman variant of washerwoman.
washy diluted; watery; weak. [3 definitions]
wasn't contracted form of "was not".