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warship a ship equipped or built for combat.
Wars of the Roses the civil war waged in England between the houses of York and Lancaster from 1455 to 1485, ending with their union and the accession of Henry VII.
wart a small round, usu. hard raised growth on the skin, often of the hands or feet, that is caused by a virus. [3 definitions]
wart hog a wild African hog that has large tusks and many wartlike growths on the face.
wartime the period during which a war is fought.
wartless combined form of wart.
wary on watchful guard against threat, danger, or trickery; cautious. [2 definitions]
was 1st and 3rd person sing. past tense of be.
wasabi an herb with pungent greenish roots that are grated and used like horseradish in Japanese cooking.
wash to make clean by immersing in or applying water or other liquid, esp. if soap is also used. [20 definitions]
washable able to withstand being washed without fading, shrinking, or other damage.
wash-and-wear designating garments made of fabric entirely or mostly of quick-drying synthetic fibers so that little or no ironing is required after washing.
washbasin a basin to hold water for use in washing one's hands and face or small articles of clothing.
washboard a board with a ridged or corrugated surface of glass, metal, or other hard material, used for rubbing soil and stains out of clothing.
washbowl a basin to hold water for use in washing one's hands and face or small articles of clothing; washbasin.
washcloth a small cloth used for washing the body or face.
washday a designated day, often the same every week, for washing a household's dirty clothes and linens.
wash down to clean thoroughly with water or other liquid. [2 definitions]
wash drawing a monochrome drawing done in washes of transparent watercolor or India ink.
washed-out faded from having been washed many times. [2 definitions]
washed-up (informal) no longer successful or effective; failed or finished, often after a period of earlier success. [2 definitions]