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water jump a small pool, water-filled ditch, or the like that a horse must overleap, as in a steeplechase.
waterless having no water; dry. [2 definitions]
water level the level of the surface of any body of water. [3 definitions]
water lily any of several aquatic plants that have large flat floating leaves and bear showy flowers in various colors. [2 definitions]
waterline the line on the hull of a boat or ship to which the water surface rises. [3 definitions]
waterlogged flooded so as to be heavy and difficult to manage. [2 definitions]
water main the main pipe in an underground system of pipes that conveys water.
waterman a boatman or oarsman.
watermark a mark that shows how far a tide or body of water has risen. [3 definitions]
watermelon a large sweet fruit, round or oblong in shape, with a hard greenish rind and usu. red or pink watery pulp. [2 definitions]
water meter an instrument that measures the flow of water through a pipe.
water mill a mill with machinery that is driven by water.
water moccasin a large, olive-brown, venomous snake found in the lowlands and swampy areas of the southern United States.
water nymph in Greek and Roman mythology, any of the nymphs who live in water, such as naiads, Nereids, or Oceanids. [2 definitions]
water of crystallization water in chemical combination with a crystal, which may be removed by sufficient heat, such removal resulting in a change in the crystal's structure.
water of hydration water that combines chemically with a substance to form a hydrate and that can be removed from it by heating or the like.
water ouzel any of several small, stocky, aquatic birds, related to the thrushes, that feed on the bottom of swift-moving streams and display a characteristic jerk of the body when walking.
water pipe a pipe for carrying water; conduit. [2 definitions]
water pistol a toy gun that shoots a jet or stream of water; squirt gun.
water plant a plant that lives submerged in water or that has its roots in or under water.
water polo a water game played with an inflated ball by two teams of seven swimmers, each team attempting to carry, push, or pass the ball into the other's goal.