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waterspout a pipe or hole from which water pours, often for diverting rainwater. [2 definitions]
water sprite in folklore, a spirit or nymph that lives in or near water.
water strider any of various insects having long, slender legs on which they dart about on the surface of calm water.
water table a depth of earth below which the ground is saturated with water.
watertight constructed so tightly that water cannot enter or leave. [2 definitions]
water torture a form of torture involving the incessant dripping of water on the forehead of an immobilized victim.
water tower an elevated tank used to store water at a height sufficient to maintain pressure in a water system. [2 definitions]
water vapor water in the form of gas, esp. at a temperature below the boiling point.
waterway a body of water, such as a river or stream, large enough for transportation.
water wheel a wheel turned by the weight of falling or running water, used to operate machinery. [2 definitions]
water wings an air-filled, wing-shaped device used to support the body of someone learning to swim.
water witch a person who searches for underground water with a divining rod; dowser. [3 definitions]
waterworks (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a system for storing, distributing, and purifying the water of a city or town.
waterworn worn, smoothed, or polished by the action of moving water.
watery pertaining to or consisting of water. [5 definitions]
WATS acronym of "Wide Area Telecommunications Service."
watt a unit of electrical power equal to the current of one ampere produced by the electromotive force of one volt, or to one joule per second. (abbr.: w, W)
wattage electrical power expressed in watts. [2 definitions]
watt-hour a unit of electrical energy equal to the energy of one watt operating for one hour, or 3,600 joules.
wattle a woven construction of twigs or branches used in building walls, fences, or roofs. [5 definitions]
wattmeter an instrument used to measure in watts the electrical power available in a given circuit.