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water closet a flush toilet, or a room or booth containing a toilet and often a washbowl.
watercolor paint made of pigment dissolved in water. [3 definitions]
water-cooled prevented from overheating by means of circulating water.
water cooler an apparatus for cooling and dispensing drinking water; water fountain.
watercourse a current of water, such as a creek or river. [2 definitions]
watercraft any boat or ship, or water vehicles collectively. [2 definitions]
watercress any of several cresses that grow in fresh water. [2 definitions]
water cure the treatment of disease by the internal or external application of water; hydropathy or hydrotherapy.
water cycle the process by which water on the earth evaporates, then condenses in the atmosphere, and then returns to earth in the form of precipitation.
watered of land, having a natural water supply, such as rivers or streams. [3 definitions]
waterfall a stream of water that falls from a height; cascade.
waterfowl any of various birds that live on or near water, such as geese, ducks, or swans. [2 definitions]
waterfront land bordering a body of water. [2 definitions]
water gap a crosswise break in a mountain ridge, cut by the stream that flows through it.
water gas a toxic mixture of gases, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and nitrogen, produced by forcing steam over heated coke, used as fuel.
Watergate a scandal involving the burglary of the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., in 1972, and its consequences, including an attempted government cover-up.
water gate a gate for controlling the flow of water; floodgate.
water gauge any of several devices for indicating the level or flow of water.
water glass a glass for drinking water; tumbler. [4 definitions]
water gun a child's toy usu. shaped like a pistol, with a mechanism that squirts water when the trigger is pulled; water pistol; squirt gun.
water hole a depression in the ground in which water collects; pond or pool. [3 definitions]