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water pipe a pipe for carrying water; conduit. [2 definitions]
water pistol a toy gun that shoots a jet or stream of water; squirt gun.
water plant a plant that lives submerged in water or that has its roots in or under water.
water polo a water game played with an inflated ball by two teams of seven swimmers, each team attempting to carry, push, or pass the ball into the other's goal.
water power the power of flowing water, esp. when used to run machinery, as for generating electricity. [3 definitions]
waterproof not affected by water; not absorbent. [3 definitions]
waterproofing a substance that waterproofs. [2 definitions]
water rat any of various semiaquatic rodents of Australia, Florida, and southern Georgia, that resemble the muskrat. [2 definitions]
water-repellent resisting penetration by water, but not entirely waterproof.
water-resistant resisting penetration by water, but not entirely waterproof.
water right the right to use water from a certain lake, canal, stream, or the like. [2 definitions]
watershed the area of land that drains into a river, river system, lake, or the like. [3 definitions]
waterside land on the edge of a body of water; shore. [3 definitions]
water-ski to ski on water while holding and being pulled by a line attached to a motorboat.
water snake any of numerous harmless snakes living in or near water.
water-soak to soak or saturate with water.
water softener a chemical compound added to hard water to soften it. [2 definitions]
water soluble of a solid or gas, capable of being dissolved in water.
water spaniel a large, curly-haired spaniel, often used to retrieve waterfowl.
waterspout a pipe or hole from which water pours, often for diverting rainwater. [2 definitions]
water sprite in folklore, a spirit or nymph that lives in or near water.