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watt a unit of electrical power equal to the current of one ampere produced by the electromotive force of one volt, or to one joule per second. (abbr.: w, W)
wattage electrical power expressed in watts. [2 definitions]
watt-hour a unit of electrical energy equal to the energy of one watt operating for one hour, or 3,600 joules.
wattle a woven construction of twigs or branches used in building walls, fences, or roofs. [5 definitions]
wattmeter an instrument used to measure in watts the electrical power available in a given circuit.
Watusi a member of a people of Rwanda and Burundi.
waul to cry like a newborn baby or a cat; howl; wail; squall.
Wave a member of the WAVES.
wave a moving ridge or swell on the surface of a body of water. [14 definitions]
wave band a specific range of radio frequencies, such as those assigned for radio and television transmission.
wave-form a mathematical representation of the form of a wave, usu. plotted as a graph.
wave guide a piece of hollow metal tubing used for the conduction or directional transmission of microwaves.
wavelength the distance between two points in the progression of a wave, esp. of sound, electromagnetism, or the like. [2 definitions]
wavelet a little wave or ripple.
waver1 to move back and forth in a fluttering motion; sway. [6 definitions]
waver2 a person who waves or causes something to wave or flutter. [2 definitions]
WAVES acronym of "Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service."
wavy having or abounding in waves. [4 definitions]
wax1 a solid yellowish substance that is pliable when melted and is secreted by bees for constructing their honeycombs; beeswax. [5 definitions]
wax2 of the moon, to increase gradually in the size of its illuminated portion, as seen from the earth. (Cf. wane.) [3 definitions]
wax bean a crop plant that is a variety of the kidney bean. [2 definitions]