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web browser a computer program that locates and displays web pages for viewing; browser.
webby of, pertaining to, resembling, or having the nature of a web; webbed.
webcam a camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the Internet or other network, or to stream live video.
webcast a video broadcast on the World Wide Web.
weber a unit of magnetic flux equal to 108 maxwells.
webfoot a foot with the toes connected by membrances or a web. [2 definitions]
web page a document belonging to a website on the World Wide Web.
website a location on the World Wide Web that includes a home page and related, linked web pages.
web-toed having webfeet; web-footed.
Wed. abbreviation of "Wednesday," the fourth day of the week, occurring between Tuesday and Thursday.
wed to take as a spouse in a formal, legal ceremony; marry. [5 definitions]
we'd contracted form of "we had," or contracted form of "we would."
wedded joined in marriage; married. [2 definitions]
wedding the act of marrying. [4 definitions]
wedding cake a cake made for a wedding celebration, often professionally baked and decorated.
wedding ring a ring, often a band of gold or platinum, that is given by a groom to a bride, and sometimes by a bride to a groom, during a marriage ceremony.
wedge a piece of wood or metal in a three-dimensional, triangular shape with a thin edge that is driven or forced between objects to split, lift, or reinforce them. [8 definitions]
wedgie a flat-soled shoe with a wedge-shaped heel.
Wedgwood trademark for a ceramic ware first produced in eighteenth-century England.
wedlock the condition of being married; matrimony.
Wednesday the fourth day of the week, occurring between Tuesday and Thursday.