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well-read having read much in one or a wide range of subjects; knowledgeable.
well-rested having slept or rested sufficiently to be free of fatigue; completely rested.
well-rounded having a proper balance; comprehensively developed. [2 definitions]
well-spoken speaking with ease; fluent. [3 definitions]
wellspring the origin of a stream or spring; fountainhead. [2 definitions]
well-supported accompanied by ample and convincing evidence or reasoning.
well-thought-of having a good reputation; respected; esteemed.
well-timed occurring at a fitting or appropriate time; opportune.
well-to-do prosperous or well-off; affluent.
well-traveled having traveled to and experienced many different places in the world.
well-turned pleasingly or expertly shaped or formed. [2 definitions]
well-versed educated, informed, or prepared to a high degree, esp. in a particular subject or matter.
well-wisher a person who expresses good wishes for the well-being of another or the success of a cause.
well-worn showing marks of considerable wear or use. [2 definitions]
Welsh of or pertaining to Wales or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Welsh corgi either of two breeds of dog originally bred in Wales and characterized by a long body, short legs, and a foxlike head.
Welshman a man who is a native or inhabitant of Wales, or a male of Welsh descent.
Welsh rabbit a dish of melted cheese, often mixed with ale or beer, milk, and spices, and served hot on toast or crackers; rarebit.
Welsh terrier a Welsh breed of terrier having a wiry black and tan coat and resembling a small Airedale.
Welshwoman a woman who is a native or inhabitant of Wales, or a female of Welsh descent.
welt a strip of leather sewn along the seam that joins the sole and upper of a shoe to reinforce the seam. [5 definitions]