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wheelie a stunt performed usu. on a bicycle or motorcycle, in which the front wheel is lifted so that for a short time the vehicle is balanced on its rear wheel.
wheelless combined form of wheel.
wheelwright one who makes and repairs wheels, carts, and carriages.
wheeze to breathe with difficulty and with a hoarse, rasping, or whistling sound. [4 definitions]
wheezy inclined to wheeze, or characterized by wheezing.
whelk any of several large, often edible marine snails with pointed spiral shells.
whelm to engulf, submerge, or overwhelm (esp. in poetry or literature).
whelp a newborn or young offspring of any of certain mammals, such as dogs, bears, lions, or seals. [3 definitions]
when at what time. [9 definitions]
whence from what place. [3 definitions]
when'd (informal) contracted form of "when did."
whenever any time that. [3 definitions]
when it comes to with regard to (some particular aspect of something); with respect to; concerning.
when'll (informal) contracted form of "when will."
when're (informal) contracted form of "when are."
when's (informal) contracted form of "when is."
whensoever at whatever time; whenever.
where at, in, or to what location. [11 definitions]
whereabouts in or near what location; about where. [2 definitions]
whereas while in contrast. [3 definitions]
whereat esp. in literature, at or toward which point, place, or occasion. [2 definitions]