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whet to sharpen the cutting edge of (a knife or tool); hone. [5 definitions]
whether used to introduce one choice or alternative. [2 definitions]
whetstone a stone that is used to sharpen knives, tools, and the like.
whetted sharpened.
whew used to express astonishment, relief, disgust, or the like.
whey the watery part of milk remaining when the curds are separated out, as to make cheese.
wheyface a pale or pallid face. [2 definitions]
which what one or ones. [9 definitions]
whichever whatever or any one that. [2 definitions]
whichsoever whichever.
whicker to neigh or whinny softly. [3 definitions]
whiff a trace of odor carried on the air. [8 definitions]
whiffle to blow fitfully in small gusts or puffs. [3 definitions]
whiffletree a horizontal crossbar with a pivot in the center, to which the harness traces of a horse or other draft animal are attached for pulling a plow or wheeled vehicle.
Whig a member or supporter of a British political group opposed to the Tories in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [3 definitions]
while a period of time. [6 definitions]
whilst while.
whim a sudden odd or capricious desire, impulse, notion, or change of mind; whimsy; caprice.
whimper to cry in weak plaintive intermittent sounds. [5 definitions]
whimsical characterized by or resulting from a whim or fancy. [3 definitions]
whimsy an odd, fanciful, or capricious notion, or such notions collectively. [2 definitions]