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whichever whatever or any one that. [2 definitions]
whichsoever whichever.
whicker to neigh or whinny softly. [3 definitions]
whiff a trace of odor carried on the air. [8 definitions]
whiffle to blow fitfully in small gusts or puffs. [3 definitions]
whiffletree a horizontal crossbar with a pivot in the center, to which the harness traces of a horse or other draft animal are attached for pulling a plow or wheeled vehicle.
Whig a member or supporter of a British political group opposed to the Tories in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [3 definitions]
while a period of time. [6 definitions]
whilst while.
whim a sudden odd or capricious desire, impulse, notion, or change of mind; whimsy; caprice.
whimper to cry in weak plaintive intermittent sounds. [5 definitions]
whimsical characterized by or resulting from a whim or fancy. [3 definitions]
whimsy an odd, fanciful, or capricious notion, or such notions collectively. [2 definitions]
whim-whams (informal) nervous doubts or feelings; jitters (usu. prec. by "the").
whin any of several hard igneous rocks; whinstone.
whinchat a small brownish European thrush, found in open meadows.
whine to utter a prolonged high plaintive cry, as in pain, complaint, or fear. [6 definitions]
whinny to utter the sound of a horse, esp. softly; neigh. [3 definitions]
whiny given to whining or complaining. [2 definitions]
whip to strike or beat with quick, repeated strokes with a long slender strap, rod, or the like; lash. [13 definitions]
whipcord a worsted fabric with deep diagonal ribbing. [2 definitions]