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whole comprising the entire extent or amount. [8 definitions]
whole grain unrefined wheat, corn, or other grain, from which the bran, or husk, and germ have not been removed, and which therefore contains more of the fiber and nutrients considered healthful than does refined grain. [2 definitions]
whole-grain made partly or entirely with grain from which the bran and germ have not been removed.
wholehearted without reservation; sincere and enthusiastic.
whole milk milk from which no butterfat or other element has been removed.
whole note a musical note that is four times longer in duration than a quarter note.
whole number the number one and any number obtained by successively adding one to get the next number, and the number zero.
wholesale the sale of goods in large quantity and at less than the price charged to customers buying in small amounts. (Cf. retail.) [6 definitions]
wholesome promoting or resulting in general or moral well-being. [3 definitions]
whole-wheat made with the whole grain of wheat, including the husk, or with flour made of the whole grain.
who'll contracted form of "who will."
wholly entirely; completely. [2 definitions]
whom what person or persons (considered as the object of a verb or preposition).
whomever whoever (considered as the object of a verb or preposition).
whomp (informal) a loud heavy blow, slap, or the like. [3 definitions]
whomsoever whomever (used for emphasis).
whoop a loud, high-pitched shout or cry, such as a battle cry, or a cry of excitement, happiness, or enthusiasm. [8 definitions]
whoop-de-do (informal) noisy or excited activity; commotion; hoopla.
whoopee used to express excited happiness or the like.
whooping cough an acute infectious respiratory disease particularly serious in children, marked by intense spasms of coughing and sometimes accompanied by a high-pitched sound as air in inhaled; pertussis.
whooping crane a large North American bird, now rare, that has black and white plumage and a loud, whooping call.