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widen to make or become wide or wider; broaden.
wide-open opened completely. [2 definitions]
wide receiver in football, a pass receiver who takes a position at a wide lateral distance from the offensive line.
widespread extended, scattered, or accepted over a wide area. [2 definitions]
widgeon variant of wigeon.
widget any small manufactured item or device; gadget. [2 definitions]
widow a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again. [2 definitions]
widower a man whose wife has died and who has not married again.
widow's mite a small contribution given willingly by someone who can barely afford it.
widow's peak a V-shaped point formed by the hairline in the top center of the forehead.
width the length or extent of something from one side to the other; breadth. [3 definitions]
wield to handle and use (a weapon, tool, or the like), esp. with power or control. [2 definitions]
wieldy easily wielded or managed.
wiener a frankfurter; hot dog.
Wiener schnitzel a thick, breaded veal cutlet, sometimes served with a garnish such as a lemon slice or anchovy.
wife a woman who is married; a female spouse.
wifeless combined form of wife.
wig a head covering made of natural or artificial hair, worn to cover baldness or unsightly hair, or as an adornment, esp. as part of a costume. [2 definitions]
wigeon either of two medium-sized, mostly brownish pond ducks, the males of which have light-colored crowns; baldpate.
wiggle to move with quick, side-to-side, twisting motions; wriggle. [6 definitions]
wiggler a person or thing that wiggles.