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wigwam a domelike North American Indian shelter consisting of a pole framework covered with bark, hides, or mats.
wiki a website or program that allows its users to edit its content and structure.
Wikipedia a free, multilingual online encyclopedia whose entries can be directly edited or added to by anyone who has access to the Web.
wilco used to indicate that a radio message will be complied with (acronym for "will comply").
wild existing in a natural state; not tamed. [14 definitions]
wild boar a wild pig of Europe, Africa, and Asia.
wild card a card in a card game that may stand for any other card. [3 definitions]
wild carrot a white-flowered weed with a deep, thin, woody root; Queen Anne's lace.
wildcat any of various medium-sized wild cats, such as the bobcat, lynx, and ocelot. [6 definitions]
wildcatter (informal) one who searches unproven areas, esp. for oil.
wildebeest a large African antelope with an oxlike head, horns curving downward and outward, a beard and short mane, and a long tail; gnu.
wilderness an uncultivated and generally uninhabited region in its natural state. [3 definitions]
wild-eyed having a terrified, very agitated, angry, or deranged look in the eyes. [2 definitions]
wildfire a fire, esp. in natural surroundings, that burns rapidly and uncontrollably over a large area.
wildflower a flowering plant that grows in meadows, woods, and the like without being cultivated.
wildfowl a wild bird, esp. a duck, goose, or swan, that is hunted as game.
wild-goose chase the futile pursuit of something unattainable or nonexistent.
wildlife undomesticated living things, esp. wild animals.
wild mustard charlock or a similar weedy mustard.
wild oat any of several wild grasses, esp. the wild progenitor of the cultivated oat.
wild pansy an uncultivated pansy bearing flowers with petals in combinations of white, yellow, and purple; heartsease.