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windup the conclusion or last stages or activities of something. [3 definitions]
wind up (informal) to bring (something) to an end. [4 definitions]
windward to or toward the wind. [3 definitions]
windy having a great or excessive amount of wind; characterized by wind. [4 definitions]
wine the fermented juice of any of a variety of fruits, although typically made from grapes. Wine has an alcohol content averaging around 12 to 18 percent. [7 definitions]
wine and dine to entertain, as by treating to a lavish dinner and drinks.
winebibber a person who drinks much wine.
wine cellar a place, often a cellar, for the storing of wine. [2 definitions]
wine-colored having the color of red wine; deep purple-red.
wine cooler a beverage made with wine, usu. white, fruit juice or flavoring, and carbonated water.
wine gallon see "gallon."
wineglass a drinking glass, usu. with a stem, used for wine. [2 definitions]
wineglassful in the UK, a unit of capacity equal to five tablespoons or 71.0328 milliliters.
winegrower one who cultivates grapes and makes wine of them, usu. as a business.
winepress a press in which the juice is squeezed out of fruit, usu. grapes, to make wine.
winery a commercial establishment that makes wine.
Winesap a variety of dark red winter apple.
wineskin a bag made of animal skin and used to hold wine.
wine steward one who is responsible for the selection and serving of wines in a restaurant or the like; sommelier.
wing either of a pair of movable appendages enabling a bird, bat, or insect to fly. [14 definitions]
wing chair an upholstered chair having a high back with side extensions or wings.