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wintry of, pertaining to, or suitable for winter. [2 definitions]
win-win being advantageous to both sides, or having more than one advantageous result. [2 definitions]
winy of, like, or characteristic of wine; heady; intoxicating.
wipe to clean or dry (a surface) by rubbing lightly with a soft cloth, paper, one's hand, or the like. [7 definitions]
wipe off the map to destroy completely.
wipe out to demolish, destroy, or defeat utterly. [2 definitions]
wiper one that wipes. [3 definitions]
wipe up to remove by rubbing.
wire a rod or strand of usu. flexible metal. [14 definitions]
wired equipped with wires. [6 definitions]
wiredraw to draw or stretch (metal) into wire, as through conical holes in a series of steel plates.
wireframe a visual representation of the structural framework of a website that is often used in website development. [2 definitions]
wire fraud a type of criminal act that involves deception for personal gain and that makes use of telecommunications devices or the internet.
wire gauge a gauge calibrated for determining the diameter of wire or thickness of sheet metal.
wirehair a pedigreed dog with a wiry coat, esp. one of a breed in which two or more types of coat are recognized. [2 definitions]
wire-haired having coarse stiff tightly crimped hair, as certain breeds of dogs.
wireless without, or operating, transmitted, or the like without, wires. [4 definitions]
wireless telegraph radiotelegraph.
wireless telephone a telephone that is operated by radio-transmitted signals.
Wirephoto trademark for a system of transmitting photographs by telephone wire, or a photograph so sent.
wirepuller one who manipulates wires or strings, as of a puppet. [2 definitions]