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w/o abbreviation of "without."
woad a European plant, related to mustard, from the leaves of which a blue dye was formerly obtained. [2 definitions]
wobble to move or tip unsteadily from side to side; be out of balance. [4 definitions]
wobbly tending to tip unsteadily; shaky.
woe great suffering or sorrow. [2 definitions]
woebegone displaying or full of distress. [2 definitions]
woeful unhappy or sorrowful. [3 definitions]
wok a large pan with a rounded bottom, used esp. for stir-frying in Oriental cookery.
woke a past tense of wake1. [2 definitions]
woken a past participle of wake1.
wold a high area of open, rolling country without trees; moor.
wolf any of various wild, flesh-eating canines that have bushy tails and erect ears and that hunt in packs. [6 definitions]
wolfberry a hardy shrub of northwestern North America, related to honeysuckle, that bears pink flowers and white berries.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Austrian composer of European classical music (b.1756--d.1791).
wolfhound any of various large dogs, such as the borzoi, used to hunt wolves and other large animals.
wolf in sheep's clothing a person who hides his or her malicious or wicked intentions under an innocent outward appearance.
wolfram tungsten.
wolframite a brown or black mineral that is an important ore from which tungsten is extracted.
wolfsbane any of several tall related Eurasian plants that bear bright yellow, hooded flowers.
wolf spider a small- to medium-sized spider that hunts its prey rather than using a web.
wolverine a carnivorous North American mammal related to the weasel, with dark, shaggy fur, white markings on the face and body, and a bushy tail.