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wolframite a brown or black mineral that is an important ore from which tungsten is extracted.
wolfsbane any of several tall related Eurasian plants that bear bright yellow, hooded flowers.
wolf spider a small- to medium-sized spider that hunts its prey rather than using a web.
wolverine a carnivorous North American mammal related to the weasel, with dark, shaggy fur, white markings on the face and body, and a bushy tail.
wolves pl. of wolf.
woman an adult female human. [3 definitions]
womanhood the state of being a woman. [3 definitions]
womanish characteristic of or suitable for a woman; feminine or effeminate.
womanize to pursue women constantly or excessively; be sexually promiscuous with women. [2 definitions]
womanizer a man who, with sexual intentions, pursues women constantly or excessively.
womankind women collectively, as distinguished from men.
womanless combined form of woman.
womanlike like a woman.
womanly possessing the qualities considered to be desirable in or befitting a woman; feminine.
woman suffrage women's right to vote, esp. in government elections.
womb the uterus. [2 definitions]
wombat any of several Australian marsupials that eat plants, live in burrows, and look like small bears.
women pl. of woman.
womenfolk all women; womankind. [2 definitions]
women's liberation an international movement that seeks to achieve for all women full social, economic, and political equality with men.
Women's National Basketball Association a U.S. sports league formed in 1996 that organizes and regulates the highest level of women's professional basketball competition. (abbr.: WNBA)