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wondrous wonderful, esp. in literary or poetic usage.
wont in the habit of; accustomed to. [2 definitions]
won't contracted form of "will not."
won ton a Chinese dish consisting of a casing or skin of noodle dough that is filled with minced meat, seafood, or vegetables and boiled, to be served as a dumpling in soup, or deep-fried and served as a side dish. [2 definitions]
woo to seek to win the love or approval of, esp. as a spouse; court. [4 definitions]
wood the hard substance lying under the bark that composes the trunk and branches of a tree. [9 definitions]
wood alcohol see "methyl alcohol."
woodbine any of various climbing vines, such as the European honeysuckle or the American Virginia creeper.
wood block a block of wood on which a woodcut or wood engraving is made.
woodblock a hollow block of wood used as a percussion instrument.
woodcarving the art or process of carving objects by hand out of wood. [2 definitions]
woodchuck any of various marmots, esp. one commonly found in northeastern North America that has a stocky body and shaggy gray-brown fur, lives in a burrow, and hibernates in winter; groundhog.
woodcock any of several European and North American game birds that have a short neck, short legs, a long bill, and brown plumage.
woodcraft ability to function in the woods, as in hunting or camping. [2 definitions]
woodcut a block of wood engraved with a raised relief, used in printing; woodblock. [2 definitions]
woodcutter one who cuts down trees and chops wood, as for firewood.
wood duck a brightly colored North American duck that nests in trees, often near woodland ponds or lakes.
wooded having woods; covered with trees.
wooden made or consisting of wood. [3 definitions]
wood engraving the art or process of engraving on wood, esp. on the end grain with a burin. [3 definitions]
woodenhead (informal) a stupid or foolish person; blockhead; dolt.