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woodworm a worm or insect larva that breeds in or bores into wood.
woody filled with trees; wooded. [4 definitions]
woof1 the crosswise threads of a fabric; filling. (Cf. warp.) [2 definitions]
woof2 the sound made by a dog; one low bark.
woofer a high-fidelity speaker that produces low or bass frequencies. (Cf. tweeter.)
wool the thick, soft, and often curly fleece of sheep, goats, llamas, and the like. [5 definitions]
woolen (often pl.) fabric or garments made of wool. [2 definitions]
woolgathering allowing the mind to wander or become absorbed in daydreams.
woolgrower one who raises sheep for their wool.
woolly of, pertaining to, made of, or resembling wool. [5 definitions]
woolly bear the fuzzy caterpillar of any of various tiger moths.
woozy giddy, faint, or queasy, as from illness or intoxication. [2 definitions]
wop (offensive slang) an Italian, or one of Italian descent.
Worcestershire sauce a dark, thin, spicy sauce, originating in Worcester, England, that is made of soy, vinegar, and spices and used esp. to flavor meats.
word a sound, group of sounds, or the corresponding set of symbols in writing that expresses some meaning that human beings can understand and that can stand alone as a basic unit of language. [10 definitions]
wordage words in general, or amount or quantity of words. [3 definitions]
wordbook a book that lists words, such as a lexicon or dictionary.
word-for-word in exactly the same words; verbatim. [2 definitions]
wording the act or manner of putting into words; phrasing; diction.
wordless without words or speech; silent. [2 definitions]
word list a set of words constructed for a particular purpose or collected from a particular source or sources.