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workweek the total number of hours or days to be worked in one week.
workwoman a female worker, esp. a manual or industrial laborer.
world the earth and everything that inhabits it. [7 definitions]
World Bank an agency established by the United Nations in 1945 to assist in the financing of reconstruction and development for member nations, esp. through loans.
worldbeater one who excels beyond all others or has the potential to do so.
World Court the primary judicial agency of the United Nations, reorganized in 1945 from a similar agency of the League of Nations, that arbitrates disputes between nations; International Court of Justice.
World Cup the Football World Cup, an international soccer tournament held every four years in which national teams compete for the world championship, represented by a large trophy cup. [2 definitions]
world-famous famous all over the world.
World Heritage Site any of over 800 sites identified on a list maintained by the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a site of natural splendor or cultural significance that should be protected and preserved.
worldling one who is engrossed in or knowledgeable about the world; a worldly, sophisticated, or pleasure-seeking person.
worldly of or pertaining to the material world; not spiritual; secular. [2 definitions]
worldly-wise having sophisticated knowledge of the world; worldly.
world power a nation or organization that can influence the course of world events.
World Series the annual championship playoff between the winning teams of the two major U.S. baseball leagues.
world's fair a large exposition at which various countries display their arts, crafts, scientific achievements, agricultural and industrial products, and the like.
world-shaking of sufficient importance, effect, size, or influence to affect the whole world.
World War I a major four-year war fought primarily in Europe between the Allies, including France, Great Britain, and the United States, and the Central Powers, including Germany and Austria-Hungary, that ended in 1918 with the collapse of the Central Powers; Great War.
World War II the major war of 1939-45, fought between Germany, Italy, and Japan on one side, and Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union on the other. It ended with the collapse of Germany and the surrender of Japan.
world-weary weary of the pleasures, occupations, and concerns of this world; bored with life.
worldwide spread or extending all over the world. [2 definitions]
World Wide Web a part of the Internet consisting of a network of specially formatted documents, called pages, that are linked to each other. (abbr.: WWW)