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worriment (informal) the act, state, or cause of anxiety; worry.
worrisome causing worry; disturbing. [2 definitions]
worry to feel anxious or troubled; fret. [9 definitions]
worry beads a string of smooth beads that are fingered or stroked as a means of reducing nervousness or anxiety, used esp. in the Near East.
worrying making one feel anxious and concerned about something bad that is happening or might happen.
worrywart one who worries too much or needlessly.
worse comparative of "bad" and "ill." [7 definitions]
worsen to become worse; to increase in qualities that are unwanted or harmful. [2 definitions]
worship reverent devotion, honor, and love shown to a deity or to an object considered sacred. [6 definitions]
worshipful given to or characteristic of worship, reverent.
worshipless combined form of worship.
worst superlative of "bad" and "ill." [8 definitions]
worst-case of or describing the worst possible case, situation, result, or the like.
worst-case scenario the worst possible set of events that could follow.
worsted a fine, smooth, firm, compact yarn spun of tightly twisted wool fibers. [3 definitions]
wort1 a plant, vegetable, root, or herb (usu. used in combination).
wort2 an infusion of malt that ferments into beer or mash.
worth good, valuable, or important enough to warrant. [8 definitions]
worth it successful in compensating for the effort, time, trouble, or expense required.
worthless without importance, use, or value. [2 definitions]
worth one's salt deserving of the wages one receives; competent.