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worrying making one feel anxious and concerned about something bad that is happening or might happen.
worrywart one who worries too much or needlessly.
worse comparative of "bad" and "ill." [7 definitions]
worsen to become worse; to increase in qualities that are unwanted or harmful. [2 definitions]
worship reverent devotion, honor, and love shown to a deity or to an object considered sacred. [6 definitions]
worshipful given to or characteristic of worship, reverent.
worshipless combined form of worship.
worst superlative of "bad" and "ill." [8 definitions]
worst-case of or describing the worst possible case, situation, result, or the like.
worst-case scenario the worst possible set of events that could follow.
worsted a fine, smooth, firm, compact yarn spun of tightly twisted wool fibers. [3 definitions]
wort1 a plant, vegetable, root, or herb (usu. used in combination).
wort2 an infusion of malt that ferments into beer or mash.
worth good, valuable, or important enough to warrant. [8 definitions]
worth it successful in compensating for the effort, time, trouble, or expense required.
worthless without importance, use, or value. [2 definitions]
worth one's salt deserving of the wages one receives; competent.
worthwhile valuable or rewarding enough to be worth the expenditure of time and energy.
worthy having adequate or considerable worth or merit; admirable; commendable. [3 definitions]
wot a spelling of "what" used to represent the way the word is sometimes informally pronounced, especially when one is surprised, shocked, or being humorous.
would used as a past form of "will1" after verbs in the past tense that report speech or thoughts. [5 definitions]