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wrinkle1 a crease or ridge on a normally flat surface such as cloth or skin. [5 definitions]
wrinkle2 (informal) an approach, method, development, device, or the like (usu. prec. by "new").
wrist the joint between the arm and hand, or the bones forming this joint. [2 definitions]
wristband any of various bands that fasten around the wrist.
wristlet a protective band worn around the wrist. [2 definitions]
wristlock a wrestling hold in which one person tightly grips the wrist and twists the arm of another.
wrist pin a pin that joins the end of a connecting rod to a piston, wheel, or the like.
wrist watch a timepiece attached to a strap or band and worn around the wrist.
writ a formal legal order, issued by a court or other public authority, directing the person to whom it is addressed to do or not do some specified act. [2 definitions]
writable combined form of write.
write to form (letters, words, symbols, or characters) on a surface with a pen, pencil, typewriter, or other instrument. [8 definitions]
write-down in finance, a reduction in the book value of an inventory item or other asset because of depreciation or a decrease in market price.
write down to write (something) in order to make a record of it or study it at a later time.
write-in a candidate who has not been formally nominated and whose name is not on the ballot but must be added by the voter. [3 definitions]
write-off the removal of an item from a business account, usu. as a loss. [2 definitions]
write off to consider to be lost or not worthy of consideration.
write out to write in full.
writer one who writes or is capable of writing. [2 definitions]
writer's cramp a cramp in the hand, esp. in the muscles of the thumb and forefinger, that results from prolonged writing.
write-up a usu. favorable report, review, biographical sketch, interview, or the like published in a newspaper or magazine.
write up to record or describe in writing, esp. in detail.