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writer one who writes or is capable of writing. [2 definitions]
writer's cramp a cramp in the hand, esp. in the muscles of the thumb and forefinger, that results from prolonged writing.
write-up a usu. favorable report, review, biographical sketch, interview, or the like published in a newspaper or magazine.
write up to record or describe in writing, esp. in detail.
writhe to twist and turn the body as in pain, discomfort, struggle, or embarrassment; squirm. [5 definitions]
writing the process, art, or profession of one who writes. [4 definitions]
writ of certiorari a legal order sent from a higher court to a lower court, requesting, for review, the transcript of a case tried in the lower court.
writ of habeas corpus a legal order calling for a detained person to be brought before a court, designed to insure against unlawful detention or imprisonment.
writ of mandamus a formal order sent from a higher court to a public official or lower court to carry out a specified action.
written past participle of write. [2 definitions]
wrong not true, factual, or correct. [13 definitions]
wrongdoer a person who does something bad, unfair, or illegal.
wrongdoing conduct that is bad, immoral, or illegal.
wrongful opposite what is right or fair; unjust. [2 definitions]
wrongheaded perversely and obstinately adhering to a wrong opinion or course of action. [2 definitions]
wrong number a telephone number incorrectly or mistakenly dialed. [2 definitions]
wrote past tense of write.
wroth in a rage; furious; wrathful.
wrought worked, done, put together, or shaped. [4 definitions]
wrought iron a highly malleable, comparatively pure iron, used in stair railings, garden furniture, and other strong, intricately shaped objects.
wrought-up agitated; excited.