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Yippie (informal; often l.c.) any of a loosely organized group of student activists and others who in the 196s rallied in opposition to the Vietnam War.
-yl a chemical group or radical.
YMCA abbreviation of "Young Men's Christian Association."
YMHA abbreviation of "Young Men's Hebrew Association."
yod the name of the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
yodel to sing or call out with frequent, abrupt changes so that the voice fluctuates between the natural chest voice and a falsetto. [2 definitions]
yoga (often cap.) a Hindu discipline involving a system of physical and mental exercises to free the self from the body and mind, esp. performed to achieve spiritual peace. [2 definitions]
yogi a person who practices the Hindu discipline of yoga.
yogurt a slightly acidic custardlike food that is made from curdled milk and often flavored or sweetened with fruit.
yo-heave-ho formerly used by sailors as they hauled or lifted together.
yoke a device used to join together a pair of draft animals, usu. comprising a crossbar with two U-shaped loops, each fitted around the head of an animal. [9 definitions]
yokel a simple, naive, or foolish country person.
yolk the yellow nutritive substance in an egg, consisting of protein and fat, that is involved directly in the formation of the embryo.
yolk sac a membranous sac that nourishes the embryos of primitive mammals, bony fishes, sharks, reptiles, and birds. [2 definitions]
Yom Kippur the Jewish Day of Atonement, observed as a day of fasting, prayer, and repentance on the tenth day of Tishri, and regarded as the holiest day in the religious calendar.
yonder (informal) somewhat distant but usu. within sight. [2 definitions]
yoo-hoo used to attract someone's attention.
yore time long ago (prec. by "of").
Yorkshire a county of northern England. [2 definitions]
Yorkshire pudding a dish made by baking an unsweetened batter of eggs, milk, flour, and salt in the drippings of roasted meat.
Yorkshire terrier an English breed of toy terrier having a long coat of silky fur that is bluish gray on the body and tan on the head and chest.