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Yorkshire terrier an English breed of toy terrier having a long coat of silky fur that is bluish gray on the body and tan on the head and chest.
Yoruba a member of a West African people who live mainly in western Nigeria. [2 definitions]
you the person or persons being addressed. [2 definitions]
you-all (informal) used in addressing two or more persons, or in referring to two or more persons, one of whom is addressed; you.
you bet (informal) to be sure; of course.
you'd contracted form of "you would," or contracted form of "you had."
you'll contracted form of "you will."
young at an early stage of life, growth, or development. [7 definitions]
youngberry a hybrid, dark red berry that is a cross between a blackberry and a dewberry, cultivated in the southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
young blood youthful people; youth. [2 definitions]
younger comparative of "young." [2 definitions]
youngest superlative of "young." [2 definitions]
youngish comparatively young.
youngling a young person, animal, or plant.
youngster a young person; child. [2 definitions]
Young Turk (sometimes l.c.) a usu. young person who aggressively seeks reform within an established organization, esp. an insurgent in a political party.
your a possessive form of you; of or belonging to the person or persons being addressed. [2 definitions]
you're contracted form of "you are."
you're welcome used as a reply to someone who thanks you for something.
yours a possessive form of you; that or those belonging to you. [2 definitions]
yourself used to emphasize you. [4 definitions]