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aberration a deviation from what is considered normal or right; irregularity. [3 definitions]
Abe Saperstein U.S. creator, owner, and promoter of the renowned basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters; born in London, England (b.1902--d.1966).
abet to incite, encourage, or aid, esp. in wrongdoing.
abeyance temporary suspension or cessation. [2 definitions]
abhor to regard with intense loathing or horror; detest.
abhorrence a feeling of complete loathing, repulsion, or horror.
abhorrent causing feelings of extreme loathing or horror; abominable. [3 definitions]
abide to stay; remain. [6 definitions]
abide by to comply with; agree to.
abiding unchanging; enduring.
Abidjan the seaport capital of the Ivory Coast.
-ability capacity or fitness for (such) a state, use, or action.
ability the capacity or power to do something; quality of being able. [2 definitions]
abiogenesis the production of living organisms from nonliving matter; spontaneous generation.
abiotic characterized by an absence of living organisms; without life.
a bit somewhat; rather; to a small extent.
abject of the lowest or most wretched kind. [3 definitions]
abjure to repudiate or renounce solemnly, as under oath; forswear.
ablactation the act or process of weaning a baby.
ablate to wear away or otherwise remove (a surface), as by heat or erosion. [2 definitions]
ablation surgical removal of any part of the body. [2 definitions]