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advertising man one who works in the advertising business, esp. as a designer, salesman, or executive; adman.
advertize advertise.
advice remarks or an opinion offered as help in making a decision or in choosing a course of action; counsel.
advisable being good and proper advice; recommended, suggested, or prudent.
advise to give advice to; counsel. [5 definitions]
advised considered or conceived (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
advisedly after careful consideration or deliberation.
advisement careful consideration.
adviser a person who provides advice. [2 definitions]
advisory of, providing, or containing advice. [3 definitions]
advocacy the giving of support to an idea, person, or cause.
advocate to urge support or acceptance of. [4 definitions]
advt. abbreviation of "advertisement," a notice or public announcement designed to gain public attention, esp. to promote the sale of certain products.
adz an axlike tool with a curved, sharp-edged head set crosswise to the handle, used for shaping large pieces of wood.
Aeaea in Greek mythology, the island home of the sorceress Circe.
Aeaean of or pertaining to Aeaea, the island home of the sorceress Circe in Greek mythology. [2 definitions]
Aeaean Circe in Greek mythology, the enchantress Circe, who has the power to turn sailors into swine, as described by an epithet referring to her island home, Aeaea.
aedes see "yellow fever mosquito."
Aegean of, pertaining to, located in, or bordering on the Aegean Sea. [3 definitions]
Aegean Sea an extension of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey.
aegis protection; sponsorship.