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amass to gather or accumulate for oneself. [3 definitions]
amateur one who pursues an activity or is devoted to a study purely for intrinsic reward rather than monetary gain. [5 definitions]
amateurish not of professional or expert quality; characteristic of an amateur; lacking skill.
amatory of or concerning physical love or the expression of love.
amaze to astonish or overcome with wonder.
amazement great surprise; astonishment.
amazing causing wonder, great surprise, or astonishment.
Amazon a major river that flows from the Andes in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic. [3 definitions]
amazonite a moderately hard, green form of microcline, sometimes used as a gemstone.
Amazon River a major river that flows from the Andes in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic.
ambassador a high-ranking official sent by one nation to another either to carry out a specific diplomatic mission or to serve in residence there. [3 definitions]
amber a hard, translucent fossil resin that will develop an electric charge when rubbed. [4 definitions]
ambergris a gray, waxy substance from the intestines of sperm whales, used in making perfume.
amberjack any of various large game fishes of warm oceans; yellowtail.
ambi- both; two.
ambiance the distinctive character or mood of an environment; atmosphere. [2 definitions]
ambidextrous able to use both hands with equal skill.
ambience variant of ambiance.
ambient surrounding or encompassing. [3 definitions]
ambiguity uncertainty or vagueness in meaning, intention, or the like. [3 definitions]
ambiguous having two or more possible meanings or interpretations. [2 definitions]