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Am symbol of the chemical element americium.
am first person present sing. of be.
a.m. abbreviation of "ante meridiem" (Latin); the period from midnight until noon.
AMA abbreviation of "American Medical Association."
amah in India and the Far East, a female servant, esp. a child's nurse.
amalgam a metal alloy containing mercury. [2 definitions]
amalgamate to combine or blend into a single unit. [4 definitions]
amalgamation the act, process, or result of combining two or more, often disparate, things.
Amalthaea in Greek and Roman mythology, the goat that nursed Zeus, or Jupiter. [2 definitions]
amandine prepared or served with almonds.
amanita any of various, mostly poisonous mushrooms having blade-shaped gills on the underside.
amanuensis a secretary or manuscript copyist.
amaranth a plant having coarse leaves and bearing purple, green, or red clusters of small flowers, often grown as a food crop. [3 definitions]
amaryllis any of a group of bulbous plants bearing a lilylike rose-colored blossom.
amass to gather or accumulate for oneself. [3 definitions]
amateur one who pursues an activity or is devoted to a study purely for intrinsic reward rather than monetary gain. [5 definitions]
amateurish not of professional or expert quality; characteristic of an amateur; lacking skill.
amatory of or concerning physical love or the expression of love.
amaze to astonish or overcome with wonder.
amazement great surprise; astonishment.
amazing causing wonder, great surprise, or astonishment.