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amphi- two; both; on two sides. [2 definitions]
amphibian any cold-blooded vertebrate, such as a frog or salamander, that has aquatic gill-breathing larvae and terrestrial lung-breathing adults. [4 definitions]
amphibious able to live both on land and in water. [3 definitions]
amphibole any of a number of hydrous silicate minerals, such as hornblende, that mostly comprise various combinations of magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, and aluminum.
amphioxus a tiny fishlike marine organism characterized by a primitive vertebra and dorsal nerve tissue; lancelet.
amphiprostyle having a row of columns at each end but none along the sides, as an ancient Greek temple.
amphitheater an arena or stadium consisting of tiers of seats rising outward from an open central area, used for performances, contests, and the like. [2 definitions]
amphitheatre a spelling of "amphitheater" used in Canada and Britain. See "amphitheater" for more information.
amphora a tall oval ceramic vessel with a narrow neck and two handles, used in ancient Greece and Rome for storage or decoration.
amphoteric in chemistry, able to function as both an acid and a base.
amphotericin a medication used to treat fungal infections, esp. those that are systemic.
ampicillin a synthetic antibiotic related to penicillin, taken orally to fight a variety of bacterial infections.
ample sufficient or more than sufficient in size, capacity, or amount.
amplexicaul encircling or clasping the stem, as some leaves.
amplification the process or result of making larger or greater. [4 definitions]
amplifier a person or thing that enlarges, expands, or amplifies. [2 definitions]
amplify to make larger or greater. [4 definitions]
amplitude the state or quality of being ample; largeness. [3 definitions]
amplitude modulation see "AM."
amply in an ample way; abundantly; fully.
ampoule a small, sealable glass or plastic bulb used for sterile storage of material, esp. for subsequent analysis or hypodermic injection.