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anadromous of various fishes, migrating from the ocean upstream to spawn.
anaemia variant of anemia.
anaerobe any of various microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, that are capable of living without air or oxygen.
anaerobic able to live or act in the absence of free oxygen. [2 definitions]
anaesthesia variant of anesthesia.
anagram a word or phrase formed by the transposition of letters of a different word or phrase.
anagrammatize to change (a word or phrase) into a new word or phrase by transposing the letters.
anal of or pertaining to the anus. [2 definitions]
analects a collection of selected passages or excerpts from one or more authors.
analeptic of medication, restoring strength to the body after a disease or after the effects of sedatives. [2 definitions]
analgesia in medicine, an absence of pain sensations.
analgesic a drug, lotion, or the like that relieves pain. [2 definitions]
analog representing information by physical measurements.
analog clock a clock that displays the time using a long hand to show the hour and a short hand to show the minutes.
analog computer a computer that uses physical quantities such as pressure or electric voltages to represent data. (Cf. digital computer.)
analogical of, expressing, or based on a certain similarity between two items that are otherwise dissimilar.
analogize to reason or argue by use of analogy. [3 definitions]
analogous similar or corresponding in the manner of an analogy. [2 definitions]
analogue something similar to something else. [2 definitions]
analogy similarity or correspondence between two otherwise dissimilar things. [5 definitions]
anal-retentive in psychoanalysis, having or showing unusual obstinacy, frugality, or an excessive concern with trivial details that supposedly results from conflict over toilet training in childhood. [2 definitions]