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Andes Mountains a mountain range that extends the length of the South American western coast.
andiron one of a pair of metal structures that supports logs in a fireplace.
and/or in addition to or instead of.
Andorra a small country in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. [2 definitions]
andouille a strongly spiced pork sausage.
andro- male; masculine; human.
androecium a flower's stamens, collectively.
androgen any substance, such as a hormone, that promotes masculine characteristics.
androgynous possessing both male and female characteristics or traits; hermaphroditic. [2 definitions]
android a robot or machine having human characteristics. [4 definitions]
Andromeda in Greek mythology, an Ethiopian princess whom Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, rescues from a monster and marries. [2 definitions]
androstenedione a steroid hormone precursor to testosterone and estrogen that is secreted by the testes, ovaries, and adrenal cortex.
androsterone a male sex hormone, excreted in the urine of both males and females, and synthetically manufactured from cholesterol.
-androus having (so many) husbands. [2 definitions]
-andry marriage to (so many) husbands. [2 definitions]
and so forth with more of the same type. [2 definitions]
and so on with more of the same type. [2 definitions]
-ane a hydrocarbon of the methane series.
anecdotal of, resembling, or concerning an anecdote or anecdotes. [2 definitions]
anecdote a brief account of a notable or humorous incident.
anechoic not having or producing reverberations of sound.