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anime an animated film or video that, typically, is of Japanese origin, is richly illustrated, and employs magical characters and themes.
animism the belief that the universe and all of its material objects, beings, and phenomena possess a spirit or consciousness. [3 definitions]
animosity strong dislike or active hostility.
animus motivating force; intention. [3 definitions]
anion a negatively charged ion.
anise a plant with small clusters of flowers and licorice-flavored seeds. [2 definitions]
aniseed the seed of the anise plant, used as flavoring and in medicine.
anisette a liqueur flavored with anise.
anisole a clear aromatic liquid synthesized esp. for use in perfumes.
anisotropic having one or more physical property that differs depending on the direction of measurement. [2 definitions]
Ankara the capital of Turkey.
ankh in Egyptian art, a cross with a loop at the top, symbolic of life.
ankle the joint between the leg and the foot; part of the leg just above the foot.
anklebone the uppermost bone in the ankle; talus.
anklet a sock that reaches slightly above the ankle. [2 definitions]
ankylose to grow together, join, or stiffen by ankylosis, as the bones of a joint.
ankylosis the joining or growing together of bones or other hard tissues. [2 definitions]
anna a former copper-nickel coin of India and Pakistan, equaling one sixteenth of a rupee.
annal a record of events for a particular year.
annalist a writer of annals.
annals a chronological record of events, usu. year by year. [3 definitions]