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annex to add or attach, esp. to something larger. [4 definitions]
annexation the act of taking and adding (territory) to one's own territory.
annihilate to destroy completely; reduce to ruin. [3 definitions]
annihilation the act of destroying completely, or an instance or state of being completely destroyed. [2 definitions]
anniversary the yearly recurrence of a particular event such as a marriage. [2 definitions]
anno Domini (Latin) in the year of the Lord (often abbreviated "A.D.")
annotate to provide (a written work) with explanatory notes or critical commentary. [2 definitions]
annotation an explanatory or critical note added to a text; commentary. [2 definitions]
announce to make known publicly. [4 definitions]
announcement a public or formal notice, statement, or request. [3 definitions]
announcer a person who announces. [2 definitions]
annoy to disturb or cause irritation, esp. by repeated bothersome behavior. [2 definitions]
annoyance someone or something that disturbs or irritates. [3 definitions]
annoyed feeling somewhat angry or irritated.
annoying causing annoyance; irritating; bothersome.
annual happening once every year. [4 definitions]
annually once a year; yearly.
annual ring one of the concentric rings of wood visible in a cross section of a tree representing the layer of growth from one year.
annuitant a person receiving an annuity.
annuity a regular annual income paid at fixed intervals and produced by money invested or by an insurance contract. [2 definitions]
annul to make nonexistent or ineffective; cancel. [2 definitions]