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annular eclipse an eclipse of the sun in which a ring-shaped portion of the sun remains visible around the moon.
annular ligament a ligament in the form of a circle, esp. around the ankle or wrist joint.
annulate consisting of or marked with rings.
annulet an encircling molding, as around the shaft of a column where it joins the capital.
annulment a court decree declaring a marriage to be invalid. [2 definitions]
annulus a ring-shaped part, structure, or area.
annunciate to announce.
annunciation the act of announcing. [2 definitions]
anode the negative terminal of a battery. (Cf. cathode.)
anodize to cover a metal surface with a protective oxide electrolytically, the surface acting as the anode.
anodyne a medication that reduces pain. [4 definitions]
anoint to put oil or ointment on, especially as part of a religious ritual that confers honor and sacredness. [2 definitions]
anointing of the sick a Catholic sacrament in which a priest anoints a person who is in danger of imminent death, while praying for recovery and remission of sins; last rites.
anole any lizard of the genus Anoli, in which the male has a throat flap and all individuals have the ability to change colors.
anomalistic tending to differ from the norm. [2 definitions]
anomalous differing from the norm, standard, or common type or rule; abnormal. [2 definitions]
anomaly an act or instance of differing from the usual pattern, form, or type; peculiarity; abnormality. [2 definitions]
anomie a breakdown or lack of values, norms, or structure in a society. [3 definitions]
anon soon. [2 definitions]
anon. abbreviation of "anonymous" or "anonymously."
anonym a false or assumed name; alias. [2 definitions]