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antechamber a small room that acts as a waiting room or entryway to a larger room; anteroom.
antedate to be earlier than; precede in time. [3 definitions]
antediluvian of the period before the Flood told of in the Bible. [4 definitions]
antelope any of several ruminant mammals of Africa or Asia, having long legs and long, hollow horns. [3 definitions]
ante meridiem see "A.M."
antenna a metal device that sends or receives electromagnetic signals. [2 definitions]
antepenult the third from last syllable in a word, such as "get" in "forgetfulness".
antepenultimate the third item from the end in a series, esp. a syllable in a word; antepenult. [2 definitions]
anterior located near or at the front. (Cf. posterior.) [2 definitions]
anteroom a small room that acts as an entry to a larger room; waiting room.
anthem a song of praise or patriotism. [2 definitions]
anther in botany, the part of a flower's stamen that bears pollen.
antheridium the organ in flowerless and seedless plants that produces male sex cells.
anthill a mound produced by ants in making their nest.
anthocyanin any of a group of plant pigments ranging in color from red to blue.
anthologize to compose an anthology. [2 definitions]
anthology a collection of written works, often of a particular type, by one or several authors.
anthozoan any of several immobile marine organisms, including corals and sea anemones; actinozoan.
anthracene a crystalline hydrocarbon derived from coal tar and used in making dyes and detecting radiation.
anthracite a hard, shiny coal that burns cleanly with little flame.
anthrax an infectious, often fatal disease, esp. of sheep and cattle, but communicable to humans. [2 definitions]