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antioxidant a substance that inhibits oxidation, the removal of electrons from atoms, compounds, or ions. [2 definitions]
antipapal combined form of papal.
antiparticle in physics, either of two subatomic particles that have the same mass, spin, degree of charge, and magnetic moment but that have opposite signs of charge and directions of magnetic moment and whose collision causes mutual annihilation.
antiparty combined form of party.
antipasto in Italian cookery, an appetizer course including smoked meats, olives, fresh and pickled vegetables, cheese, and other foods.
antipathetic having a fundamental dislike of or aversion to someone or something. [2 definitions]
antipathy a deep, continuing dislike; aversion; hatred. [2 definitions]
antiperiodic preventing the periodic recurrence of disease such as malaria. [2 definitions]
antiperistalsis reverse movement in the intestines, alimentary canal, or similar organs, causing the contents of these organs to move backwards.
antipersonnel designed to kill or injure people, as opposed to destroying machinery or buildings.
antiperspirant a preparation used to decrease perspiration, esp. in the underarms.
antipesticide combined form of pesticide.
antiphlogistic acting to reduce inflammation or fever. [2 definitions]
antiphon a song or part of a song to be sung in response, often in a religious service.
antiphonary a collection of antiphons in book form.
antiphony singing or chanting done alternately or responsively by two groups.
antipiracy combined form of piracy.
antiplague combined form of plague.
antiplaque combined form of plaque.
antipleasure combined form of pleasure.
antipode a direct opposite.