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Apollo in Greek and Roman mythology, the god of light, prophecy, music, poetry, and medicine. [2 definitions]
Apollonian of or relating to Apollo. [2 definitions]
Apollyon according to the Book of Revelation, a destroying angel who is the king of the evil spirits that will torture those who do not bear the seal of God when the earth is destroyed; Abaddon.
apologetic expressing or wanting to express regret, as for an error or an offense. [2 definitions]
apologetics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of theology dealing with the defense and proof of a religious faith, esp. Christianity.
apologia a formal, often lengthy, explanation and defense of one's actions, beliefs, or motives.
apologist a person who argues in defense or justification of a doctrine, belief, action, or the like, usu. in writing or a speech.
apologize to express regret, as for an error or an offense. [2 definitions]
apologue a short allegorical story usu. containing a moral; fable.
apology an expression of regret, as for an error or offense. [2 definitions]
apomorphine a white crystalline alkaloid made from morphine, used as an expectorant and emetic.
apophthegm variant of apothegm.
apoplectic of, relating to, or predisposed to apoplexy. [3 definitions]
apoplexy the sudden loss of the ability to feel or move, caused by a rupture or obstruction of an artery in the brain; stroke.
apoptosis genetically regulated cell death that occurs as a normal part of growth and development, and which also occurs when a cell becomes damaged.
aport on or toward the left or port side of a vessel.
apostasy abandonment of one's religion, principles, loyalties, or the like.
apostate a person who abandons his or her religious faith, principles, cause, or the like. [2 definitions]
apostatize to become apostate.
a posteriori proceeding from effect to cause or from observed particular instances to a generalization; inductive. (Cf. a priori.) [2 definitions]
apostle (sometimes cap.) one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ who were sent forth to spread his teachings. [3 definitions]