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aqua fortis see "nitric acid."
Aqua-Lung trademark for an underwater breathing device similar to a scuba.
aquamarine a type of bluish green beryl used in jewelry. [2 definitions]
aquanaut a person who lives in an undersea dwelling, esp. for purposes of scientific exploration and study.
aquaplane a board pulled by a speedboat and used to carry a standing rider along the surface of the water. [3 definitions]
aqua pura pure water.
aqua regia a volatile, corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids, used for dissolving gold and platinum and for testing metals.
aquarelle (French) watercolor painting with transparent colors, or a painting done by this technique.
aquarist one who maintains a private aquarium or is curator or director of a public aquarium.
aquarium an artificial pond or container filled with water in which aquatic forms of life are kept. [2 definitions]
Aquarius an autumn zodiacal constellation located between Capricornus and Pisces; Water Bearer. [3 definitions]
aquatic of, in, or taking place on the water. [4 definitions]
aquatint a type of etching that achieves the soft sweeping tones of a wash drawing or watercolor by careful control of the length of time acid is left on any given area of the etching plate.
aquavit a strong, colorless Scandinavian liquor flavored with caraway seeds.
aqua vitae alcohol. [2 definitions]
aqueduct a channel built to convey water from a long distance. [2 definitions]
aqueous of, relating to, or similar to water. [3 definitions]
aqueous humor a clear, watery liquid that fills the chambers between the cornea and the lens of the eye.
aquiculture the growing of plants, often for their edible fruits, in nutrient water or water-soaked inert material rather than in soil; hydroponics. [2 definitions]
aquifer a bed of rock, sand, or gravel that can hold great quantities of water and supplies it to wells and springs.
Aquila a summer constellation in the northern sky, located between Lyra and Capricornus and the bright star Altair; Eagle.