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arcuation the state of being curved, arched, or bent like a bow. [3 definitions]
arc welding a method of welding in which the extreme heat of an electric arc is used.
-ard one who often or excessively performs (such) an action or is in (such) a condition.
ardent having or characterized by very strong feelings such as passion, devotion, or desire; fervent. [2 definitions]
ardently in a passionate and devoted manner. [2 definitions]
ardor very strong feelings; passion; fervor.
arduous entailing great difficulty, exertion, or endurance; laborious. [3 definitions]
are1 2nd person present sing. and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person pl. of be.
are2 a unit of area equal to one hundred square meters or 119.6 square yards.
area a place or region. [4 definitions]
area code in the United States and Canada, any of the three-digit codes that identify the regional telephone districts into which the countries are divided. [2 definitions]
area rug a rug intended to cover only a specific section of a floor.
areaway a sunken area in front of basement doors or windows allowing access from outside, or permitting light and air to pass through. [2 definitions]
areca any of several tall palm trees of tropical Asia, such as the betel palm, having a smooth, slender trunk and feathery leaves and bearing red or orange nuts. [2 definitions]
arena a stage, ring, or other circumscribed area where sporting events or performances are held. [4 definitions]
arenaceous sandy or sandlike. [2 definitions]
arena theater a theater that has a central stage surrounded on at least three sides by seats.
arenicolous living or growing in sand.
arenite sandstone or other rock that is composed chiefly of grains of sand.
aren't contracted form of "are not," or contracted form of "am not" used in questions.
areola in anatomy, a small ring of color, as around a human nipple. [2 definitions]