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armillary of or made up of circles, rings, or hoops.
armillary sphere an ancient sighting instrument formed of rings that are arranged in the positions of the tropics, equator, and the like.
armistice an agreement by warring parties to suspend hostilities; truce.
Armistice Day November 11, the anniversary of the armistice ending World War I, called Veterans Day in the United States.
armlet a band worn as an ornament, usu. on the upper arm. [2 definitions]
armload the amount (of things) that can be carried cradled in the arms, or the things themselves.
armlock a wrestling hold in which one uses an arm and hand to lock an opponent's arm at the elbow.
armoire a large, usu. ornate wardrobe or cabinet.
armor a suit of leather or mail, formerly used to protect the body in warfare. [5 definitions]
armorbearer one who carries a warrior's armor and arms.
armored wearing or being covered by armor or armor plate. [2 definitions]
armorer one who makes, repairs, or maintains firearms or other weapons. [2 definitions]
armorial of or concerning heraldry or heraldic arms. [2 definitions]
Armorican see "Breton."
armorless combined form of armor.
armor plate specially hardened steel plates used to protect vehicles or fortifications.
armory a place where military weapons and equipment are manufactured or stored. [2 definitions]
armour a spelling of armor used in Canada and Britain. See armor for more information.
armoury a spelling of armory used in Canada and Britain. See armory for more information.
armpit the hollow formed beneath the arm where it joins the body.
armrest a support for the arm, as found on chairs, theater seating, and the like.