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asparagine a nonessential amino acid found in proteins that is derived from aspartate.
asparagus a tall branching plant related to the lily, whose young shoots are cultivated and eaten as a vegetable.
asparkle glittering; sparkling.
aspartame an artificial sweetener about two hundred times sweeter than sucrose, synthesized from amino acids and used as a low-calorie sugar substitute in manufactured soft drinks, cereals, cookies, and the like.
aspartate the ionic form of aspartic acid, which is a nonessential amino acid found in proteins.
aspartic acid a nonessential amino acid found in proteins.
ASPCA abbreviation of "American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."
aspect an element or part. [5 definitions]
aspen any of several poplar trees whose leaves flutter in the slightest breeze.
Asperger's syndrome a mild autism spectrum disorder in which afflicted individuals are generally of normal intelligence but have poor social and nonverbal communication skills.
Aspergillus a genus of fungus that is classified as a mold.
asperity harshness or roughness, esp. of tone or manner.
asperse to spread false accusations or malicious insinuations against; slander.
aspersion an insulting or malicious remark about someone; derogation; slander. [2 definitions]
asphalt a sticky brown to black bituminous substance, occurring naturally or obtained as a by-product of refining petroleum and coal tar, and used for paving, roofing, and waterproofing. [4 definitions]
asphalt jungle any large city, esp. when considered as the noisy, crowded arena of a struggle for survival.
asphaltum see "asphalt."
asphodel any of several flowering plants related to lilies, with tall spikes bearing clusters of usu. yellow or white flowers.
asphyxia a lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide in the lungs that results in suffocation.
asphyxiate to cause unconsciousness or death by cutting off oxygen to; suffocate. [2 definitions]
aspic1 a gelatin, usu. of meat or fish stock, used as a garnish for fish or meat or to make a mold of various foods.