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aurora borealis the aurora of the Northern Hemisphere, seen esp. near the North Pole; northern lights.
auscultation listening to the heart, lungs, or the like for the purpose of medical diagnosis, usu. with a stethoscope or other instrument.
auslander (German) a foreigner or outsider; alien.
auspice (usu. pl.) sponsorship or protection; patronage. [3 definitions]
auspicious likely to be followed by favorable events.
austere having a stern or solemn appearance or personality. [3 definitions]
austerity the condition or quality of being austere. [3 definitions]
Austin the capital of Texas.
austral1 of, concerning, or originating in the south; southern. [2 definitions]
austral2 the chief monetary unit of Argentina, equaling one hundred centavos.
Australasia Australia, New Zealand, and nearby islands south of the equator and north through Malaysia and the Philippines.
Australia an island continent southeast of Indonesia and between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. [2 definitions]
Australian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Australia or Australians. [5 definitions]
Australian ballot an official ballot that carries the names of all candidates for public offices, along with any propositions to be voted on, and is distributed at polling places, to be marked in secret.
Australoid (outdated; no longer in scientific use) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of members of a human racial group originating in Australia, the Pacific Islands, and areas of southern and central India, generally characterized by dark skin and dark curly hair. [2 definitions]
Australopithecine a tool-making primate of an extinct genus of hominids that inhabited eastern and southern Africa.
Austria a central European country that lies between Germany and the Czech Republic to the north and Italy and Slovenia to the south.
Austria-Hungary a former European monarchy composed of the Austrian empire, Hungary, and parts of other countries.
Austro- southern. [2 definitions]
Austroasiatic a language family of Southeast Asia that includes Vietnamese and Khmer.
Austronesia the islands of the central and southern Pacific.