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Balkan States the countries on the Balkan Peninsula, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and European Turkey; the Balkans.
balkline a line parallel and close to one end of a billiard table, from behind which the opening shot is made.
balky inclined to stop short and then refuse to proceed; stubborn; obstinate.
ball1 a spherical or nearly spherical body . [7 definitions]
ball2 a large social function at which there is formal dancing. [2 definitions]
ballad a narrative poem or song. [2 definitions]
ballade a poem of three eight-line or ten-line stanzas followed by an envoy of four or five lines, the stanzas and the envoy all having the same last line. [2 definitions]
balladeer one who sings ballads.
balladry ballads in general, or collectively. [2 definitions]
ballad stanza a four-line stanza often used in ballads, the second and fourth lines of which rhyme.
ball and chain a heavy ball attached by a chain to a prisoner's ankle to prevent escape.
ball-and-socket joint a skeletal joint in which the ball-shaped end of a bone, often part of a limb, fits into and rotates quite freely within the hollow, spherical socket of another bone. [2 definitions]
ballast heavy material placed in the hold of a boat or ship to make it more stable. [4 definitions]
ball bearing a bearing composed of a track containing freely rolling metal balls, against which or within which a shaft or other part can rotate without friction. [2 definitions]
ball boy a boy or young man who retrieves stray balls during a tennis or baseball game, or who has charge of balls used in practice, as in football and basketball.
ball cock a device used to regulate the supply of water in a tank or toilet, consisting of a lever connected to a floating ball that shuts a valve when raised and opens it when lowered.
ballerina a woman who is a principal dancer in a ballet troupe. [2 definitions]
ballet a form of dance characterized by precise, stylized motion and intricate choreography. [4 definitions]
balletomane one who greatly admires ballet.
ballgame a game played with a ball on a field.
ball girl a girl or young woman who retrieves stray balls during a tennis or baseball game, or who has charge of balls used in practice, as in field hockey or volleyball.