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ball girl a girl or young woman who retrieves stray balls during a tennis or baseball game, or who has charge of balls used in practice, as in field hockey or volleyball.
ball handler a player, esp. in basketball, whose position requires him or her to touch and control the ball, or one who handles the ball on a particular play. [2 definitions]
ball handling the act or skill of dribbling, passing, or receiving the ball in basketball. [2 definitions]
ballista an ancient military machine resembling a large crossbow, used to hurl stones and other heavy projectiles.
ballistic of or pertaining to ballistics.
ballistic missile a long-range missile that reaches its target by falling freely at extremely high speed along a precalculated trajectory.
ballistics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific study of the motion and properties of missiles such as bullets and rockets. [3 definitions]
ball joint a mechanical joint, often found in tools and machines, in which the ball-shaped end of a rod or pipe is fitted into a hollow socket, enabling the inserted part to rotate freely in any direction.
ball lightning a rare form of lightning manifested in the form of a glowing reddish ball, approximately six inches to a foot in diameter, that moves rapidly along the ground or in the air until it disintegrates.
ballocks (vulgar) the testicles.
balloon a large bag made of thin material designed to inflate and be lifted off the ground when filled with hot air or a gas that is lighter than air. [8 definitions]
balloon tire a wide tire with deep walls that is inflated with relatively low air pressure to cushion shocks or facilitate travel on sand.
ballot a piece of paper on which a voter enters his or her vote. [6 definitions]
ballpark an enclosed piece of land, with or without a roof, having stands for spectators and a playing field for ball games, esp. baseball. [2 definitions]
ballplayer one who plays any of several games that use a ball, esp. baseball.
ballpoint a pen that has a small ball in its tip which transfers ink from a reservoir to the writing surface; ballpoint pen.
ballroom a large room used for dancing, as in a hotel, club, or mansion.
ballroom dancing dancing performed by couples to a variety of social dances, such as the waltz, tango, or fox trot.
ballsy (vulgar slang) courageous, tough, or aggressive.
ballyhoo exaggerated, noisy, insistent advertising or publicity. [2 definitions]
balm a soothing, healing ointment, often fragrant. [4 definitions]