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banal lacking originality or liveliness; disappointingly ordinary; commonplace; trite.
banana the long, curved, fleshy fruit of any of several tropical treelike plants. [2 definitions]
banana oil a clear synthetic liquid with a bananalike odor, used as a flavoring or paint solvent, and in the making of lacquers; amyl acetate.
banana republic (informal) a small, often politically unstable Central American country with a one-crop economy that is controlled by foreign capital (used as a derogatory label).
banana spider see "Brazilian wandering spider."
Banbury tart a small pastry shell filled with raisins, currants, nuts, and the like.
band1 a group of people, animals, or objects acting together. [4 definitions]
band2 a thin strip of flexible material that binds several objects together. [4 definitions]
bandage a strip of fabric used to protect or bind a wound or other injury. [3 definitions]
Band-Aid trademark for a small strip of adhesive tape that holds a gauze pad for covering minor wounds. [3 definitions]
bandanna a large handkerchief with a brightly colored design, sometimes worn on the head or neck.
Bandar Seri Begawan the seaport capital of Brunei.
B and B abbreviation of "Bed-and-Breakfast," an establishment offering lodging and breakfast. [2 definitions]
bandbox a usu. cylindrical box of cardboard or thin wood, used to hold a hat or other clothing items.
bandeau a ribbon or headband worn to keep the hair in place or away from the face. [2 definitions]
banderilla a long, barbed, often decorated dart that a banderillero sticks into the neck or shoulder of a bull.
banderillero a matador's assistant who helps goad the bull by sticking banderillas into it.
banderole a slender forked pennant or streamer. [2 definitions]
bandicoot any of several large East Indian rats. [2 definitions]
bandit a robber, esp. a member of a band that robs travelers and vehicles en route. [3 definitions]
bandleader the conductor of a band, esp. a big band or swing band.