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bastion a pentagon-shaped portion of a rampart or fortification that projects outward. [3 definitions]
bat1 a heavy, shaped wooden or metal club used to strike the ball in baseball or cricket. [4 definitions]
bat2 any of various usu. night-flying mammals that have wings that are covered with membranes, and that sense objects mostly by means of reflected sound waves rather than by vision.
bat3 to wink (one's eyelids).
bat around to discuss (an idea or ideas) as possiblities. [2 definitions]
batboy a boy who retrieves baseball bats discarded by hitters and acts as a team's general assistant.
batch an amount or quantity used or produced in one operation. [2 definitions]
bate to moderate or control; restrain. [3 definitions]
bateau a flat-bottomed rowboat, sharply tapered at both ends, used in Canada and the United States.
batfish any of the family of marine angler fishes, often found in the Atlantic along the southern U.S. coast. [2 definitions]
batgirl a girl who retrieves baseball bats discarded by hitters and acts as a team's general assistant.
bath a process of washing or soaking something in order to cleanse, refresh, or heal. [5 definitions]
bathe to give a bath to; wash. [6 definitions]
bathhouse a structure near a body of water, with dressing rooms for swimmers. [2 definitions]
Bathinette trademark for a folding portable bathtub for babies.
bathing cap a close-fitting cap of rubber, elastic, or the like, worn to keep the hair dry during swimming.
bathing suit a garment worn for swimming; swimsuit.
bath mat a rug or mat of absorbent or rubberized material used next to, or in, a bathtub.
bathos a sudden descent from an exalted style or esteemed state to the commonplace. [2 definitions]
bathrobe a loose garment worn before or after bathing, over nightwear, or casually in the home.
bathroom a room containing a bath or shower, a sink, and often a toilet. [2 definitions]